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Guys, do these Five(5) things if you want to look attractive.

Females are actually a complicated gender. However, every female at least has a soft spot or is attracted to one particular thing on the opposite sex. As a guy, it is advisable to not be ignorant of these things because even if you have stacks of money, you could end up been cheated on or fail to impress your crush if you're lacking these points

People usually judge on appearance. That is why the first thing every guy should do is invest in their appearance. The type of clothes you wear is very important. If you want to be taken serious, wear clothes that enhances your natural handsomeness. Clothes that make you look attractive should not necessarily be designer but any affordable one that reveals your attractive self.

Secondly, guys, we know you sometimes want to portray your patriarchy powers but please, always wear a smile. Because research has it that, the only way to a woman heart is a good sense of humour and i know we all can agree to that. Work on your sense of humour and you can melt every woman's heart.

Furthermore, one of the things that add to our confidence is the way we smell. Just like bees are attracted to nice scented petals and nectar, women are also attracted to nice scented guys. They have and ick for bad odour. You don't want to them to turn off their buzzer on you right? Bath twice daily at least. Use deodorants that can go as long as 48 hours and also a cologne that can last for a few days, however, it should be nice scented.

Also, Every guy that is productive looks attractive. As a man, you should be intelligent and a problem solver. Women are turn on when a man exhibits intelligence. At least if you can't solve the problem, don't be ignorant. Make an effort because women always want to be secured around a man.

Lastly, the characteristic of a man to to be kind and loving is a point woman can't do women without. Those hands that work hard to feed the table should be able to hold onto them. "A cheerful giver never lacks" remember?. Yes, exactly a cheerful giver of a man never lacks a woman. Don't be stingy please. Those hands should glow and shine and you can get admiration from woman.

Thank you for reading. Kindly share to your loved ones and also comment if you want to contribute.

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