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5 Tips On How To Build A Perfectly Romantic Relationship

Have you found the perfect partner for your married life? All right, but how do you make your relationship perfect for the long haul? Here are some tips for keeping your love alive and living a healthy, happy relationship! Since adolescence (or even before), you dream of a happy ending worthy of a fairy tale. While others are content with satisfying relationships, you desire a fusional union. A simple glance should be enough to communicate with your other half.

But there you have it . Despite your best efforts, you have trouble finding something that fits. About to throw in the towel, you are stopped in your tracks by a fleeting thought ... What if you decided to create the perfect relationship?

Accept your partner as he is

Even on the best dating sites , you won't find an Apollo devoid of flaws. It is in the imperfections that Homo sapiens reside the secrets of its magnificence. Perfectly imperfect, your partner is not necessarily a poor companion. Maybe it's time to erase your childhood dreams to admire the world as it is.

Everyone has faults. Even you, some of your character traits horrify your fellow human beings. Is this a reason for losing faith in humanity? The glue of couples that lasts is neither fairy dust nor rose water romance. The moment they began to accept the other as he was, with his flaws and his qualities, these men and women discovered the true meaning of the word Love.

Certainly, your current spouse has the annoying tendency to walk into the living room without removing the mud from his shoes. But is that a reason to leave him? Don't you think his unconditional support and the fact that he puts a smile on your face in all circumstances doesn't make up for that typo? So stop looking only at what you dislike about him and focus on the positive.

Banish routine in your relationship

After the enthusiasm and excitement of the beginning of a relationship, routine tends to set in in a married life. This is a natural thing and you don't necessarily have to worry about it. However, it is essential not to forget the flame of the beginnings.

Continue to surprise your partner and always keep an element of mystery and spontaneity. Follow our 10 tips to get rid of routine in a relationship and you will keep a sparkling relationship throughout your life!

Become a negotiating ace

Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to become a wise fox. And beware… Unlike the old rogues, it is not with much comparison and false offers that you will convince the opposing party.

In a couple, the key word is understanding. When the tension builds up, listen to understand what is breaking your other half's heart, not to defend yourself. The objective is not to emerge victorious from this verbal contest.

To defuse the bombs of rage that often erupt in a relationship, take some distance so that your words do not exceed your thoughts. And when making your case, don't point out what he / she did wrong, but how you feel.

Maintain a fulfilling sex life

Making love regularly and enjoying it is an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Don't hesitate to spice things up by trying out new things: new positions, unusual places, romantic evening.

Learn to say no!

Does this subtitle surprise you? In order for a couple to function in a healthy way, sometimes you have to say no. Before being in a relationship, being “the wife or the husband of”, you are a full human being. In witness whereof, you have needs and aspirations. Create a secret garden for yourself. Draw boundaries that you won't let anyone cross, not even your partner.

Before reconsidering your decision, remember one thing: someone who cares for you will love you for who you are. Never, oh never, will he / she do an act that will harm you. If he / she does, you will know for sure about your relationship. After all, actions speak more than words.

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