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A Lady Tells A Man, "You're Not Man Enough". Take A Look At What Happened

My wife's piercing words to me last night: "You can't be man enough for your own damn self, how can you even be man enough for me?" This is how it all began; my broken story.

Amanda and I had been dating for two years and we decided to get married. We loved each other so much; she is God-fearing, she's generous, she's beautiful, she's calm, she's intelligent; I mean, she ticked all my boxes, so popping the question on her birthday was ideal. But the only reason I hesitated at times was the fact that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth; my wife's mother owns a school at Labone, whereas her dad is a pilot. I, on the other hand, was born into a not-well-to-do home and raised by a single parent who happened to be a teacher.

I'm an artist. I paint for a living. I met my wife at the Chalewote Festival in 2015. Throughout our relationship, Amanda always made me understand she was never about the money, considering she had more than enough. Even though I sometimes felt intimidated, that's what consoled me.

A year into our marriage, Amanda dropped a bombshell when she told me she was being transferred to manage the Canada office. I had no choice but to follow her, as I was not in favour of being miles away from my wife. Thank you for putting your career aside for me, baby. Thank you for making our marriage work." --She said to me. I had left my painting career to support my wife in Ottawa, with hopes of continuing my career there, as we had no plans on returning to Ghana.

She earned a staggering ten thousand Canadian dollars as her monthly net. We were comfortable feeding off her salary. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment, quite comfortable actually, in the centre of the city. Everything was rosy in the beginning, until a few months ago, when I realised my wife had been acting a bit differently.

She started going on expensive dates, all in the name of work. She started hanging out with very rich Canadian contractors, and I must admit, there were many times I felt intimidated and jealous. All this while, I've also been trying to find my feet in this country.

There are many talented artists, so it has really been tough trying to get a breakthrough. I am still looking for a very good manager who can link me to the big shots around me. I am not happy being a stay-at-home husband, cooking and cleaning for my wife. I even go to the extent of washing her clothes. I always shamefully ask her for money, even for taxis. I keep asking myself, "For how long is this going to continue?"

Lately, my wife has been giving me an attitude, and I can't seem to comprehend it. She speaks to me with so much cockiness. I really think she doesn't respect me anymore. She would get angry at the very little things in the house. I quite remember we even argued about my not washing a particular plate. Every time I tried talking to her about our current situation as a couple, she would get furious and shrug it off.

I complained to her mother because it was getting out of hand, but that worsened the situation; she got extremely angry with me for speaking to her mom. Our arguments were always so intense that I always feared either one of us would throw a fist. Our marriage had become very toxic and I had no idea what was going on anymore until I asked her this during an argument.

"Amanda, is it that you think I am not man enough for you anymore?" She froze for a second, and then burst out into laughter, and said, "You can't be man enough for your own damn self. How can you be man enough for me?" She laughed and entered the room. This statement sent a piercing pain into my heart. Never had my wife made such a disrespectful remark to me. I was deeply hurt. Is it because I don't have any money? Is that why she's being so disrespectful? " I couldn't help but be curious.I was dying on the inside for answers.

Since I did not want to confront her anymore, I resorted to finding some answers myself. I started by going into her phone to read her messages with her best friend, Akosua, and that was when I got my answer. On a certain Monday morning, she sent a message to Akosua saying, "I don't think I can continue with this. I'm married to the laziest man on the planet. All he knows is to paint. He doesn't want to learn any other things. I'm tired of taking care of him. Sometimes I don't even want to return home. Akosua, I've got wealthy men coming after me. "

I sat on the floor and shed a tear. I could be witnessingThe beginning of the end of my marriage. What did I do wrong to deserve this? Please help me put this across for people to help me fix this broken pen. What should I do?

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