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VIDEO: Don't Come Near Our Boyfriends; This Will Happen To You If You Try -Girls Warns 'Side Chicks'

Some Ghanaians are wondering whether it will be possible to get virgin girls to marry in Ghana these days. Looking at the facial expression of these young girls, their ages might be between the ages 15 to 18 years. If girls at this age are engaging in sexual immorality, what shows that someone looking for a virgin woman can get some in this era.

These small girls in your picture recorded themselves and sends a strong warning to 'side chicks' should they come after their boyfriends. According to them, no one can take their boyfriends from them but if anyone dares to try, they will beat the person with all their strength.

The girl wearing the watch in the screenshot above stated that "For me, any side chick who goes after my boyfriend will receive several slapping on her cheeks". The girl in the yellow shirt also said that anyone who chases her boyfriend will receive heavy blows at her jaws.

The girl very close to the camera also said that "As for me if you go after my boyfriend and see you anywhere, I will put my hands in your nose and remove everything from your nose". The girl sitting afar from them didn't say anything. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that there are no more innocent girls in Ghana. These girls were giving these warnings using our local dialogue, Twi.

But some Ghanaians quizzes that what if the ladies who snatch their boyfriend from them are stronger than them. Others said that they are just bluffing, instead of studying their books they are on social media fighting over boyfriends. Their parents must see what their children are doing.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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