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Husband and wife relationship

"Sad" - My Blood Pressure Has Risen Because My Girlfriend Wants To Breakup With Me

Life is not easy to anyone no matter how rich or luxury you live. My end has already catch up with me. The painful aspect of life is to watch someone you love wholeheartedly love someone else. My name is Mawuli and I'm a student nurse in the Western Region. I'm a devoted christian who dare to live righteously beyond all odds. I'm 28 years old who is willing to live life to the fullest. I met Precious the very day I entered into the school and to be precise, she looks very beautiful as the morning sun.

While coming to school, I've been told I should be ready for marriage after that. It gingered me to make the right choice before I live campus. After a few talks with her, I took her number and we became close friends. Fast forward, I proposed to her and she accepted. I made effort to pay her school fees including mine because I thought that would make her love me more.

Just recently, she threatened to break up with me. I tried everything possible to know the mistake I did. She sent a message through my friend that she is fed up with me. That was the very worse day of my life. Indeed, I got shuttered and that has risen by blood pressure.

I live with her during vacations and we do everything as husband and wife. I reported to her father and she became. She recently told me she doesn't see any future with me. I'm really heartbroken and I don't know what to do. My blood pressure has risen over the past few days and I've been admitted at the hospital for three days.

Please help a brother, what do I do to make her love me back. The only thought in my head is suicide.

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Mawuli Precious


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