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Lady cries for help as she sadly narrates what she saw after a friend introduced her to a man abroad

This world we live in is very strange and a lot of things are happening under the sun. People are going through hard and difficult times that, they need others to help them solve those issues. A lady has shared her ordeal and it is really sad. Most people are going through pains but if they don't voice it out, you will never know meanwhile they are walking everyday without noticing it on them.

According to the lady, when she was in the University, a friend of hers was dating a man abroad and got married to him as a virgin. She flew abroad after school to settle with the man. When her friend got there, she introduced her husband's friend to her since he said he was interested in her. The man came to Ghana and proposed to her. She decided to accept the proposal because he was mature and quiet gentleman.

The lady said the man told her they should abstain from sex until marriage. They both agreed until she found out that, he has a weak erection and his manhood is as smaller as that of a baby. She confronted him and he agreed that is how he has been since he was born. She then decided they should seek for medical attention.

The lady said, the man's mother was not in support of their relationship but the man insisted they should be together and do knocking as one day everything will be cool with her mother so that she will agree for them to marry. They went to the hospital for treatment and his manhood became quite bigger and the erection became stronger. She then agreed to marry him since his problem was solved. Unfortunately, he came back to Ghana and his mother was still not in support of the relationship. But upon his arrival, his manhood became weak again and she realised he didn't comply with the medications given to him.

Shortly after, she also begun to experience severe abdominal pains and they went to see a doctor. Upon several cross-examination and check ups, it was revealed that she is having fibroid. The mother has now agreed their relationship but the lady said she is afraid because she feels the man is hiding something from her. She also revealed that, the man's brother is married for several years without having a child. This is her problem and asking the general public what she should do.

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