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Husband and wife relationship

I Complained About My Husband's Weakness In Bed But His Sister Said I Was Lying - Wife Reveals

A confused wife shared her dilemma and controversial story on social media. According to the wife, she was having a hard time in her marriage because of her husband's weakness in bed.

Therefore decided to report the issue to the elders of the man's family to assist her in solving the issue but strangely the man's sister debunk her claim by calling her a liar without any basis or evidence even after the wife demanded that she should tell her why she's a liar.

Because the sister doesn't know what goes on in their bedroom hence it's quite strange that she had the confidence to debunk the claims of a woman who sleeps with the man.

Either the sister has been having a romantic relationship with the brother or knows someone who does and has been praising her brother's prowess to the sister or she just wanted to save her brother from the shame of being weak in bed in front of elders.

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