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Never Ignore A Dream Of Your Teeth Falling Out, It Could Indicate Loss Or Death Of Loved One

Dreaming that your teeth are loose or falling out is particularly disturbing, and this is a dream which is more often experienced by women than men. This type of dream can refer to a feeling of lacking in confidence or of powerlessness. Sometimes it relates to a communication issue, something which perhaps you should have spoken out about but did not.

It may also related to a feeling of loss, whether of aging and losing looks, losing money or a job, deep personal loss such as death of a loved one or loss of a marriage/partnership.

Real Life Action: Can you identify a particular issue in life which is causing you unhappiness? Is there a conversation that needs to take place with somebody in your life? Look for the support of a trusted friend or colleague if needs be, and speak up about the issue that is concerning you.

If you are worried about losing something in life then focus on what you can do to prevent or reduce this loss. Is there an alternative way to generate money? Would a change of diet or exercise help with concerns about getting older? Managing stress is about controlling how we deal with and react to outside forces.

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