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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Smart Tricks To Employ Before Meeting Your Crush

Preparing to go on a date with a very beautiful woman you looking forward to attract can be a little frustrating. At that very moment, your success lies in your hands. It's either you have her or loose her forever. Most guys feel insecure of themselves before meeting up the woman thereby blows their chances of having her. That shouldn't be the trait of a guy who is grooming to become an alpha male. There are smart tricks you can employ before going for the date with your crush. Generally, first impression counts and you should be able to walk up to her like a confident man who is capable of skyrocketing her to the next level.

Below are some priming dating skills that would make you have the positive outcome you have anticipated for long. Do this before meeting up with your crush. 

1. Smell Good 

A good shower and a spice of a good perfume would score you more point when you go for a date. Women are mostly attracted to guys who have good smell and a sense of humor. Also, clean or shave the beard or hair would also make you look attractive and responsible in her eyes. If you want to have your hair bushy, let it be wrapped with a neat cloth or combed very well. Expect some positive result when you do this things without the intention of pleasing her. 

2. Have Some Romantic Questions On Your Fingertips 

You can't successfully win the heart of a woman when going for a date without having some romantic questions to spice up your date. It is very sad to know that, most guys are ignorant of such trait and thereby ruin the date with their crush. They tend to ask questions that are irrelevant at that particular time. Learn to keep the conversation going with some interesting and funny questionnaire. 

3. Psyche Your Mind For Positive Results 

Yes, it's indeed faith is the one who have not seen but yet believe that things would workout right. Position your mind for positive results and not failure. Don't be intimidated by her social status or beauty when approaching a woman. She might be closer than you think. Never let your negativity overcome the positive mindset to be able to chalk success. 

I know you have learnt more on what to do before going on a date with your crush. Kindly follow me for more relationship and marriage updates. Thank you. 

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