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3 Best Compliments To Give A Woman You Like.

In this article, I'm going to show you the 3 best compliments to give a woman you like or your crush to make her feel good. Maybe there is a girl you met, and you really like her, but you don't know how to get her attention. Then I will tell you that you are on the right page because I'm about to list some of the best compliments to give a woman you like.

1. Your smiles make my day.

Now you are complimenting her smile. She is going to continue smiling even more. She will think her smile is powerful and is working within you spiritually. She is going to love that. And don't forget that you have to say that when you are having a conversation with her.

2. You are not like everyone else.

Right here you are telling her she is unique. She is different. You are making her feel so good. Because women love to claim their differences inside their heads but don't like to speak them out, so if you were able to tell her that she is not like everyone else, then she will fall for that. She will be happy because you are trying to let her know she is the best.

3. OMG You are so attractive.

Please don't forget that it is just a compliment to give a woman you like, and it might work. Tell her she is so beautiful and you don't think any man can resist her. Let her feel special, like there is no woman like her in this world.

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