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Women DM me to use sex toys because I’ve been single for too long - UK Based Ghanaian

UK-based Ghanaian Adwoa Boatemaa has disclosed that some women advise her to use sex toys because she has been single for over seven years. 

Boatemaa went viral a few months ago, saying no man has asked her out in her seven years of living in the UK. Speaking on SVTV Africa, AJ mentioned that she received a lot of DMs from women to use sex toys but ignored them. 

“Many ladies sent me a DM after the video went viral. Some proposed love and others told me that they have been single for 10 to 15 years, and they have been surging on vibrators. They told me about the types and that I would not need a man anymore if I use them.” 

However, Adwoa Boatemaa added that she is single because she does not want to lose focus on her plans. She mentioned that “I don’t crave sex unless I am with my man. If you put your mind on it, that is when you crave it.” 

Moreover, the Tiktoker indicated that the number of women she had encountered on social media who are into sex toys scares her. According to AJ Boat, she fears that the consequence of it may be dire. 

“I fear for the future because many women are into it. When you get used to it, a man will never satisfy you sexually. That is my fear, but there is nothing we can do. 

You can never replace a man with sex toys. Relationships are not all about sex but companionship. It will be better to quit now before you get addicted to it,” she told DJ Nyaami. 

Adwoa Boatemaa is a nursing assistant based in Brighton, UK. 

Kindly watch the full video below;

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