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Atmosphere Of Love As Footballer Proposes In Grand Style To Girlfriend In A Stadium

*She was Soo dumbfounded and shed tears of joy on the football field as she said a big 'YES'

Football is a profession that most people deem to be Soo time consuming and very risky like the Millitary as it is known that most of these people get to spend less time with their families and risky in the sense that their health can suffer any casualties.

Because of this, most ladies do not buy the idea of getting married to men in this profession as they may get less time from them when it's mostly time for their tournaments.

Meanwhile, others prefer to be married to such individuals as love they say would always find a way to compromise with situations at hand.

The happiest moment of a ladies life they say is her wedding day but it can equally be said that her most surprising and joyful moment is when she gets a marriage proposal from the love of her life.

She even gets more happier when she least expected it and it is done in the presence of Soo many including her friends. A player on the other hand gets much excited when their team wins a match against their opponent's team.

It was a moment of great joy as Hassani Dotson, a player for Minnesota United made a memory by 

proposing marriage to his girlfriend Petra Vuckovic on the pitch of Allianz Field after his team's 2-2 draw against San Jose Earthquakes in an MLS 2021 encounter on July 03, 2021.

The footballer after turning the lady's attention to him was seen dropping slowly unto his knee and presenting a ring to the lady asking her whether she will marry him in front of all supporters present at the stadium.

Petra, without hesitation even though surprise was written all over her face said a big 'YES' in confirmation of her joy and love for him.

It was a moment filled with joy as the two were coverraged in a video trending online with photographers taking pictures of them. It was as though the camera men were informed beforehand for their readiness at that moment said it all.

They finally hugged, kissed and waved at everyone to show their appreciation before finding their way out of the pitch. We wish the two a wonderful love life filled with wonderful memories as they will always learn to understand each other.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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Hassani Dotson Minnesota United Petra Vuckovic


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