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Husband and wife relationship

Alpha Conde wife who fled the country, return swiftly to her husband after he was released by Mamady

Being a so-called “good wife” is very subjective, and a subject much to human examination as to what matters, and what matters particularly to that person. Each person is different and has different needs and for some, for example, a narcissist may have a very different set of values, to begin with.

A good wife is someone kind, caring, and nurturing. A “good wife” to some degree is also very personal, as every husband will desire something a little different from another man. 

Too often, women who in the name of feminism or some desire to fight the power of men, have taken up the qualities that typically are masculine. However, it’s usually the worst qualities. A good husband is not looking for a wife who exhibits the same qualities as he. 

Men and women were designed differently for a reason. Women have to do better at protecting and promoting femininity. There is nothing shameful in being feminine, nurturing, respectful and submissive while also having a great career and being educated..

The former first lady of Guinea has proven to be a godly wife who will stick with the husband through the thick and thin. Alpha Conde will forever be grateful to have Madam Djene Kaba as a wife because she is virtuous and possesses the qualities of a caring woman. Despite the commotion which occurred on the day of the coup, this former First Lady was never stopped showing sympathy towards her husband.

Although she fled and has been away for months, Madam Djene has officially returned to her husband upon his release from prison. Coincidentally, it was her residence that the coup leader deemed it fit for Alpha Conde to be sent. Immediately news broke out of the transfer of Conde to Landreah, she quickly boarded a flight to attend to her husband.

It's not clear what the junta leader hopes to achieve with the release of the former president. Is this the right time and why is he not processed in court for the atrocities he committed under his tenure.?

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