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Welcome to Africa where getting a boyfriend is a source of income.

Thank you for clicking on this article and God bless you too.Hope you are feeling good and well by the grace of God?. This article is about Elizato statement that he made in one of his videos. Elizato is a radio presenter and one of Ghana's greatest philosophers. Elizato said, "Welcome to Africa where getting a boyfriend is a source of income". He continued by saying if you are a guy or man of Africa you have to work hard because women depend on us.

Women in Africa only want guys who have money and can provide for their basic needs. If you are a guy and you don't want to work hard you won't get the type you want. Women in Africa sometimes put all their burdens on the man or boyfriend they are dating. They Don't want to stress themselves and work. They want men who have made it already in life or can cater to their needs in life.

For the women getting a boyfriend is the source of income because you will provide them with money and cater for their basic needs. Not all Africa women are like that some are hardworking and they don't rely on men. Some women don't need men to survive or to get money to buy what they want. They work and get it themselves. Some African women try to make it on their own or to earn a living.

A lot of people shared their views and suggestions on this Elizato statement. From the men's point, they said most of the women are like that, and just a few work hard to earn a living. Some of the women agreed with Elizato's quotes or statements because they think most of the ladies are like that nowadays. They always want men who are wealthy and can provide them with their needs and they will be relaxed. You can leave your comments also if you have something to say about this Elizato's quotes.

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