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"I can't manage to stay with one man at a time"

“Hello Readers, my name is Maadjoa and I would like to share my story with you. I have suffered from a problem for a long time and with age it really takes a toll on my romantic life.

It all started when I was in first grade and had my first boyfriend. We called him Jude and everything went well for the first two months, but everything changed afterwards. I was becoming more and more womanly and attractive. A change that made me one of the most courted girls in my high school in Kumasi.

Very quickly, I began to give in to the advances of my suitors. With force of circumstances, I cheated on him with more than 4 people. In addition, I was with them all at the same time. When I realized what was going on I decided to break up with them but it was difficult. Because each of them had its own particularity and charm. Since this period it has become my daily life.

I've never dated one man at a time. They are always three or more. Today I am 28 years old I have a master's degree in Management and I work. Despite all my financial comfort, I am missing something. I have a mad desire to settle down but all of this is stronger than me. Anytime I manage to stay with one person, it doesn't last more than two weeks."

Mathias wants us to get married but I also love Samuel and Edwin at the same time

I have been in a relationship with Mathias for a year and a half, Jules for 8 months and Samuel for about 3 months. All three ignore my double life and each thinks they are my only man. Mathias wants us to get married but I also love Samuel and Edwin at the same time. I really need some advice to end this vicious cycle. I find myself trapped in my romantic relationships.

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Jude Maadjoa


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