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Make The Love Real For Him

Make The Love Real.

To me, it is a very difficult thing to say you love someone yet cannot do what he or she asks of you. When you keep disobeying or disrespecting the very person you claim you love, I believe the love will dwindle or go away. The honest truth is that if you really love someone or something so much, you always do as they wish or desire, plus you love someone, you respect them.

How come we always profess our love for God yet we cannot give Him just a small aorta of respect or reverence? We always say we love Him but we have not put in any efforts whatsoever to make Him at least know that we mean whatever we say.

Our own Father cannot even trust our very words we say to Him. It is quiet unfortunate but I believe if we want to talk about love, then we better start checking how we behave as children of God because if indeed we love God, we shall always make conscious efforts to please Him in all our doings.

God has made it very clear and simple for us in the book of John 14:15 which reads "J If ye love me, keep my commandments." This is so concise and very understandable yet not negotiable." If you love me, obey my statues, do not do as you please or as you wish but as I have requested of you; do not wish to do things your way but My way", saith the Lord. So now see, all this while you have never shown God you really love Him because whatever actions you have taken in the past are behaviours that pleased you and yourself or others rather than God. But I urge you, you still can turn around and really love God by beginning to adhere all of His commands and this is so simple; just love only what God loves and throw rest away. Do not try to use your own intellect to walk with God otherwise in the end, you might say God has not done well with you when the truth is; you did not do well with yourself. Let your love for God be real..

Let your love for God real and deep as well so that you can receive the perfect things from God because all the good things are in Heaven, nothing better is on this earth.

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