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VIDEO: Check Out What This Lady Advised Women To Use To Satisfy Themselves If No Man Is Available

Some ladies of this generation never ceased to amaze people. The kind of sexual expectations from some ladies has propelled them to engage in certain activities which is difficult to come out of. A few days ago, a Ghanaian lady came out to say that men have not been 'chopping' them well that is why they have been using vibrators in satisfying themselves.

But what this Nigerian woman is saying is more devasting than what the Ghanaian lady said some few days ago. According to the lady in your picture, there is a common household thing that some women do not know other use of it. She stated that the toothbrush is not only efficient for brushing the teeth but also satisfying oneself when your guy is not around.

This young lady advised her fellow young women that if they are on heat and they do not have any man to satisfy them, they should not worry but use the toothbrush in replace of the man's thing. According to her, she has tried and tested it several times and takes even sweeter than a man's thing. In view of that, ladies should not waste toothbrushes but use them in the direction she is saying.

This provokes a lot of people online as they stated that this lady is the worst adviser and the most desperate sex lover they have ever come across. Whiles ladies are trying some smooth alternative like vibrators she is talking about a hard thing like a toothbrush. They rebuke the lady that this is crazy advice no one should try it.

The guys also said that any lady who is in need should just call them, they are always available to satisfy them.

You can also watch the video below:

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