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3 Reasons Why Big Penis Don't Matter To 75% Of Women.

Most of us think women love guys who have big strong penes so that they can satisfy them sexually. But that is not the case. According to research, seventy-five percent of women are not satisfied sexually with big penes. They have other things that make them happy apart from having a big penis.

1. The structure of the vagina.

Some women don't want to engage themselves with big penes because of how the structure of their vagina. They don't want to take big penes that will widen their vagina. They want it to be close as it is. So they wouldn't mind going for a big penis.

2. Some ladies love to be satisfied sexually by kissing, romancing, drinking their breasts, and so on. This type of lady doesn't depend on big penes. There is this program on TV whereby Ghanaian women are asked how they get satisfied sexually and a majority of them say through kissing, and drinking their breast but few say big penes.

3. It might hurt them.

Some women are afraid of big penes because they think big penes will hurt them. It will make them bleed especially when the guy is serious.

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