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'Can you be my good Samaritan?' - Woman begs for food

'Can you be my good Samaritan?' - Woman begs for food 

The gender debate of women abusing their stay of friendship had been recorded this afternoon, as a woman tried to use a man she met for her gains. It is becoming dangerous how women are relying so much on their male counterparts, after a short meeting. Those were the days where you will meet a woman on the streets, and you will get to know yourselves so much for over a month or two, or three or even a year, before the woman asking or the man asking for something. But today's women keep shaking the tables and making it seems, without men they cannot survive on their own.

A strange woman who met a strange guy on Monday decided to use the man she met, for her gains when she knew she was crossing her limit. It's not every man that meets a woman who is in for something, but some are in for just friendship and that only, because friends revive the world and bring you happiness in times of stress. It was very ok and gentle for a man to help his female counterpart or friend, but it was never ok for any woman to abuse that cause. You cannot meet a man for three days, where there hasn't been any vivid communication, and you start asking for things that you should have done for yourself.

The woman whose name will be withheld for some reasons met the man on Monday, but the man did not text her until this morning. They had previously had a small conversation on the phone, which was on the Tuesday evening, where the man called to ask how she was and how work was. The man tried getting back to her this morning to check on her, and the woman made attempts to spoil the conversation by demanding something, she could have done. The man tried chatting with her this morning, and the woman used the medium to demand food. From the chats, the woman was seen quoting herself to be busy and couldn't go out to buy food or order food. So the man she met on Monday, whom she barely knows should be her good Samaritan and buy her food.

It wasn't just as going out and buying the food, which the woman could have used her busy schedules to make the excuse of, but something she could have ordered online and get it delivered to her at the office. The man thought they didn't do delivery but found out that, the food joint she wanted him to buy the food from, had a delivery service available, which the woman could have picked her phone and made a simple order and get it delivered, but she wanted to use the man for it. She was begging the man to be her aid and buy the food for her and pay for delivery too, which was way beyond their three days of talking. Besides, that was their first chat between them, ever since they met on Monday. Read the chats

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