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Divorce Affair

Dear Married Women: An Open Letter To All Wives

Believe it or not, a woman with less friends makes a good wife - Opinion 

My mother has been married for over thirty years, and she is still perfect with my dad. My neighbours, have been married for eight years, and they are the best couple on the block. My friend Jessica got married in May of 2018, and she is back at court where she registered her wedding, been dragged for divorce. Jessica whom I met few years, which was prior to the 2016 elections, was also camping and campaigning for her party. We became friends and exchanged a few pleasantries. She invited me to her wedding on 2 may 2018, and I went to grace and witness the marriage. Jessica after her marriage, was running peacefully, until she came into the company of bad influence. 

Those who were pushing her, did so she can end up divorced, and thoroughly, she is back in court for her divorce, less than three years of getting married. The husband was a teacher and together with Jessica, they opened a joint account that will save their monthly salaries for their future. One of Jessica's friends, insulted her for been cheap to the man, and a man was to take care of his woman 24/7 without asking the woman for support. The friend even used her past experiences as a reference for Jessica, and she ignorantly followed, without thinking that same woman who gave her such advice was still not married. 

Jessica withdraw all her support for her husband in the marriage, and the joint account became just him alone whiles she kept her money somewhere. They were planning to buy a house with their savings, but that couldn't come on because Jessica refused to help her man, based on the advice of her friends. The whole situation is, if you have lots of friends, they will influence your life on your husband, and if care is not taken, you will end up been a bad wife. 

Jessica even went to the extent of disrespecting her husband in public, because the friends made her believe, it was abnormal to be submissive to your husband. Whether been abnormal or not, the husband has taken the case up, that he cannot continue the marriage again, and the court is yet to rule on it. Jessica wish the court can favour her, so she can take back her husband. Life is different for others, and if you are not careful, you will end up losing your everything because of friends. 

Friends are good, and they are bad and evil at the same time. Your husband, children, family, and very trusted people should be your friends on marital issues, and apart from that, don't bring anyone closer to your marital issues because they will collapse your marriage. Pictures are for illustrating purposes only.

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