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How Long Should A Man Go In Making Love To Her Partner? Share Your Thoughts

How long do you think it's enough to get to in making love to your wife or partner? While many think it is good to go that extra mile in making love to your partner, others preferred the opposite. 

But what actually defines who is strong in making love? Is it the one who goes the hours or the under ten minutes man? Very intriguing, the main core of making your partner feels at it best is to identify her arousal zones. This helps you as a husband to give her that sort pleasure she would expect from you. 

With this it becomes so easy to explore more ways of getting her reaching any height. Identifying her arousal zones and exploring them blinds her from knowing how long you could actually go, at last, she builds that kind of respect for you since you've taken her to her expectations. 

Let's make it interactive, share with us how long you think a man should go and your reasons? Is it even good to reach that extent or the ultimate goal is to see her reaching that level of pleasure? Do well to subscribe to our page if you are new. Thank you.

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