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Dear Couple Know That Your Marriage Can't Survive Without Friendship

Marriage Can't Live Without Friendship! Dear Couple Know That Your Marriage Can't Survive Without Friendship

Marriage must start from friendship and must continue building in friendship for a beautiful and blissful marital experience. If you don't seem to like him or her, then don't continue the relationship. Someone you don't get along with can't be your friend. Your spouse must be your friend. Not even just your friend, your bestie.

Set your mind back to a close friend of yours at high school, same-sex, that you so much get along well with. Good! Exactly what you do together is what you are expected to do in marriage. Those gisting must continue, those funny jokes you share, those great moments you share, those phone photographs you pose and take like teens must be there.

I use to look at some ladies, always looking too serious, morose looking always like they lost someone, they don't have friends they laugh with. No happy moments at all. And you want to marry? You better change! Someone said mummy but that's my nature. Please drop that nature fast! The Holy Spirit is a joyful spirit. Always singing a joyful song. Where do you get your sad-looking face from? What goes on within you must reflect the world.

Marriage involves laughing moments. Dancing without sounds together. If you want to be sad looking every time oh don't go and marry. Don't increase the divorce mass we have. When a man or a woman starts to lose the friendship of the spouse separation is setting in already.

Befriend your spouse again as you did from the beginning if friendship is missing in your marriage. If your spouse asks you "Mary! Why this sudden change, tell him you found a new love in him, you want to befriend him again" continue until you get him along.

If the bad treatment you gave your wife has made your friendship go sour. Befriend her again. Woo her all over. Divorce doesn't start from divorce paper or court document for divorce, it starts when your friendship fails in marriage.

Don't get tired of making your home and marriage work. The devil doesn't want any godly home to stand because they are a terror to his kingdom. God will give you the wisdom to make a fresh friendship with your spouses in Jesus' name.

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