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Divorce Affair

5 common excuses men give after an act of infidelity

Unfaithful boyfriends or husbands will often find a way to justify their acts. Men have classic arguments that have been used throughout history and are still used today.

Here are five reasons why men explain their infidelity.

1. It was the devil's work.

This is the most common justification. Simply blame it on the devil, despite the fact that you prepared, executed, and relished it all on your own.

2. I'm not sure what possessed me.

You were enslaved by your own selfishness and disrespect.

3. I didn't mean to cause you any pain.

If it wasn't, you wouldn't have planned and executed it with more than one girl the first time, the second time, the third time, and so on.

4. It was just supposed to be a one-night stand.

You don't want anyone to confess to being a serial infidel, of course.

5. You are the genuine article.

Another common justification is that other girls don't matter because you're the one and only...

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