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Would You Allow A Photographer To Touch Your Bride This Way?

A photographer has been recorded on camera doing something to a lady and many social media users after watching the video couldn't keep mute over it. Watching the video carefully, you can see that a photographer is dressing up a bride to take pictures. He was seen applying baby oil on the body of the bride.

However, as he was applying the baby oil, somebody told him to apply some of the oil to the lady's breasts. You can see that this bride is heavily endowed with huge breasts and her outfit has also exposed the breasts. This is how the person commanded the photographer to apply the baby oil to the bride's breasts, "The breasts are very important. You need to apply the oil well so that her breasts can show beautiful".

The guy also did as he was commanded. One cannot tell where her husband was when this was going on but some people after coming across this video said that they will never allow a photographer to do this to their wives and girlfriends. If there is the need for this to be done before they take pictures, they will do it themselves.

Others said that what the photographer did doesn't show professionalism. He should have called the husband to do this job.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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