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Some qualities of a real man

Yes, there are real men out there. Want to know how to notice a real man? Check out some qualities below;

1. A Godly man:

A man that knows and submits to God is a real man. He can boldly say that he is a child of God and follows His principles to the teeth.

2. Protection:

A real man protects the people he loves no matter what, either from hurt or insecurities. 

3. Respect:

He has regard for those around him and does not look down on anyone. Under no circumstance would he treat someone poorly because of their financial status. The opinions and decisions of others are respected.

4. Discipline:

He is disciplined and has values. He lives his life according to the positive rules with the way of life and is well-organized. A man that shouts rudely and behaves unmannerly is not a real man. A real man has control over his emotions.

5. Hardworking:

A real man does not depend on others to satisfy their essential needs. He does his best to give his loved ones the best care in life. A real man makes sure he is there physically and emotionally for his own. He doesn’t allow another do that for him and makes sure those around him are very comfortable.

6. Purpose driven:

A real man knows what he wants in life. He knows the direction he wants to take and how to achieve it successfully, due to his high commitment to it.

7. Faithful:

 A real man does not go around sleeping with any girl he meets in his life. He maintains a woman, honors and cherishes her till the very end. 

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