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Man falls victim to deceit after the lady he has been dating online decided to wipe her makeup

Deceit can be very hurtful especially when you put all your trust in a person. Coming to find the truth behind the whole lie leaves you stranded without any option. The roots of this article goes deep within the act of deceit. A lady has got her online boyfriend shocked after revealing her real face. I will leave the link to the full video at the end of this article so you can see for yourself but for the meantime, here are some pictures I took from the video.

I would say this article is a very entertaining one as it throws more highlight on how men become victims to deceit. Imagine getting to date a lady online and trusting her only to meet her in person and realizing she is way different from what she has been showing in her pictures. I bet you would be very disappointed in yourself for allowing yourself to be played.

Many ladies have made it a point to mask their natural appearance by resorting to the application of makeup on their faces. I am not against the whole idea of using makeup but I just do not buy the idea of overusing it. Some ladies overuse it to the extent that when they get to wash it off their faces, you cannot create a link to their "previous self".

It is for this reason why many men are saying they are only going to propose after they take a woman swimming. They believe that after taking a woman to the pool, the water is certainly going to wash the makeup off her face. I certainly agree with them because you just cannot lie to us claiming who you are not. Here is the link to the video.

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