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I Broke Up With Him But He Stood At My Door And We Slept Together Before We Knew It- Lady Narrates

A popular social media relationship adviser and therapist released new video advising women to keep off from broke guys who have nothing to offer them other than good bed performance.

 She clsims Some guys have little to nothing give the women in their lives. These ladies, on the other hand, find it difficult to let go of them due to their romantic nature and skills in the bedroom.

Blessing CEO, a relationship therapist, advises women to avoid men who are simply good in bed. She went on to describe her encounters with these types of men.

CEO Blessing said in a video chat:

"On my first night out, I slept with a man I met. When we met again, it seemed as if we had already met before. However, he was unemployed and lived with his mother. In the end, he would stand in front of my door staring at me when I told him that it was over. We were sleeping together soon after that.

Even when I blocked him, my mind kept wandering back to him. It took six months for me to move on from the relationship. These are not the kind of men you want as a husband. The only thing you're meant to do with them is have fun, but a lot of ladies find themselves stuck with them.

No one believes you can alter them because they're not ready to settle down. They excel at squandering other people's precious time. You can't teach your children anything about success if you don't get married to a successful man."

Blessing advises ladies to do away with poor guys who can not afford their bills but only satisfy them on bed such guys are not worth keeping.

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