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FOR MEN: Find Your Way If You See Her Using This Tool, She Can Cheat On You- Top Counsellor Warns.

Relationships tend to grow stronger when there is an appreciable level of trust between partners. Also, being appreciative of anything being offered on the side of both parties is also necessary. Many relationships are staking on a thin ice due to inadequate trust and lack of being appreciate.

Live today on one of TV3's popular morning talk shows was counsellor Charlotte Oduro who is known for her expert advises on marital issues. With her experience gained so far in the world of relationships, she discovered that women who are into relationships and still make use of sex toys should not be trusted.

She further explained that, sex toys are used by single people who have the desire for sex so why should a relationship engaged woman use a sex toy? It means she is not appreciative of all what her partner does for her and hence needs a top up that using sex toys creating an avenue for women to explore options outside their spouses. This indicates that she could go out to find a new man to the top up for her which it is nothing good thing to talk of.

She added that, in such instances, learn to communicate it to your lover and that solves it all rather than going ahead to use sex toys for which eventually a man may be used in replacement.

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