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If you want to live longer, avoid these 4 types of woman

Everyone deserves happiness and peace of mind in a relationship. The moment you become unhappy and nervous, it becomes a problem because it has a serious effect on your health as an individual. People who live long are usually happy people with peace of mind.

So, if you're dating a woman who constantly makes you unhappy, sad, nervous, and breaks your heart, you've got a problem.The consequence is that it will cut short your life. To do yourself good, you will do all you can to avoid such a woman in your life. Here are four indicators that you are dealing with such women:

1. A woman who is prone to arguing

You find out that the woman you are dating is argumentative and never agrees with you on any matter, stop dating her. She never accepts your ideas on anything. She always wants to force her opinion on you. Definitely, you can not be happy in such a relationship. The best thing to do is to avoid such a woman for her own happiness.

2. A Squabbling And Irritable Woman

A lady is supposed to be calm and submissive to her guy. If you notice that your woman is so touchy, irritating and picks up offence at every provocation, then you should have a second thought about such a woman. Such a woman makes you question almost everything. Please, for life's sake, avoid such a woman.

3. A woman who is only interested in herself and makes no effort to keep the relationship going.

Any successful relationship is the combination of the efforts of both parties. If you notice that you are the only one trying to sustain the relationship, she never contributes her efforts to sustain the relationship, and whenever she calls, she's never concerned about your well-being. All she does is make demands from you. Once you discover this attitude, avoid her completely.

4. A woman whose heart isn't in the relationship.

A true relationship always links the heart of both partners together. It creates a deep connection between them. Once there is a disagreement or a little friction in the relationship, both hearts are not at rest until the conflict is resolved. But if you notice that when there is a conflict between you both, she doesn't bother, because her heart is at rest. She does nothing to resolve the conflict, she just moves on with her life. Then it's a clear sign that her heart is not involved in the relationship. Then avoid her.

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