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Wicked World They say...a young woman ended up on the street due to

A very beautiful young woman who has married for more than thirteen years without a child.

Due to pressure from both families and the community they live in, both the man and the woman decided to adopt a young girl from the children's home 🏠.

Many years passed by and the adopted child has now grown to become a very beautiful young lady. The woman trusted her with her all... Now the lady's attitude started changing bit by bit. She now refuses to accomplish her usual task at home and the rest.

The woman tried to talk to the husband about the whole thing but any time she does, the husband refuses to listen, at time he changes the conversation.

This went on for a very long time.

The woman went for funeral on one of the weekends on her return, she came to see the adopted child with the husband on their matrimonial bed having sexual intercourse.

She couldn't control herself and ended up on the street naked( madness has taken over)

What would you do if you were the man?

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Wicked World


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