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How To Learn Kissing Tricks (For Boy And Girls)

1. Consider how she talks to you. Does she seem like she wants to keep the conversation going? It's a good sign for you if she does.

Is she asking you a lot of questions? Are they deep and personal? If the answers are yes, she probably wants a more intimate connection with you.

Are you making her laugh? Laughing at your jokes (especially if they are not very funny) is a way that women flirt.

Is she trying to keep the conversation going by being the one to ask questions or lead or direct the conversation? That's a good sign. It's a bad sign if she lets the conversation wither into silence between you or you feel like you're doing all the heavy lifting to keep it going.

2. Try the triangular kissing technique. There are some techniques you can use to build sexual tension, while monitoring how she responds and communicates back.

Move close to her and touch her, either her hands or legs. Slow down your breathing and words.

Look at her right eye. Hold the look for a few seconds, then move your gaze to her left eye. Pause again. Now, move your gaze and hold it on her mouth. She should be more receptive to a kiss (as long as she hasn't moved away!)

3. Spot the window of opportunity. Women you've just met will often give you a short window of opportunity for a kiss. This can be a tricky balancing act. This will be easier if she's already your girlfriend because you will be able to spot the signs more readily.

A woman you've just met is also testing you. You need to give her signs that you like her when she seems receptive to you, otherwise she may feel rejected or insecure and start to pull away and try to make you chase her.

If you miss the window of opportunity, she may think you lack confidence or aren't interested in her. But if you try to kiss her before it opens, she might think you're boorish or too aggressive. So monitoring body language matters.

4. Handle her moving away. You should always be prepared for the worst: What if you try to move closer or touch her slightly, and she moves away? Maybe she's just tired or not in a good mood. Who knows? You don't want to make it worse with a bad response. Timing is everything.

Act like nothing has occurred. Basically, show that you're not thrown off. You could even make a confident quip about her being cute when she's shy.

Don't act angry or insecure. That's not appealing to women. Maybe she's interested in you but just not ready for a kiss yet. In that case, you could work on building more common ground and intimacy- slowly. Abandon your idea for a kiss right now and instead focus on having a great conversation with her, and remember to throw in some compliments! (Women love that.)

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