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4 Biggest Fears Men Have When Dating Women.

There are some men who still find it difficult to date for the following reasons, which I will mention below.

1. Rejection

Most men are afraid of dating because they feel they might get rejected. They feel the woman might judge them on some things, and if it is not up to their standards, they will be rejected.

2. Cheating

Yes, most men are afraid of cheating. They believe women love to cheat. Especially a man who has been through it before, a man whose heart has been broken by a woman.

3. Poor

Some men don't want to date because they believe it might cost them. They can go broke if they date women because there are going to be a lot of expenses.

4. Work or activity time.

They won't get time for their activities. Most men don't want to date because they think their job will be at risk. They won't get enough time for their work or any activities that they normally do.

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