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Facts: 4 Things Everyone Must Know About Sex And Heart Attack.

There are different, numerous and divergent views and school of thoughts when it comes to the topic of sex and its relation to heart attacks. People who experience heart attacks wonder if sex is going to be safe for them. Even those who has no heart conditions sometimes wonder if too much sex can lead to heart conditions.

If this thought has ever come to mind, don’t worry. There is good news. In general, sex is safe for patients who have heart conditions. However, there are some nuances. Here are 4 things to know about sex and heart attacks. 

1. It’s very, very rare for sex to cause a heart attack. 

Certain people worry that getting intimate will trigger a heart attack in bed. Can that happen? Yes, because during intercourse, the heart rate goes up and the heart works harder than it does at rest. However, so far as you are paying attention to the body, and monitoring the signs that the activity to make sure that it’s too strenuous, the chances of sex triggering a heart attack is very low.

2. Sex is usually safe after a heart attack and heart surgery.

The most important thing is to wait for the heart to fully heal or assume its healthy state before resuming intimate activities. However, some symptoms such as; shortness of breath with exertion, chest pain, very high blood pressure, or diabetes under poor control require medical attention before resuming sex. If you are still in doubt, you can seek advice from a doctor or cardiologist for the go ahead.

3. Sex is safe if you are at risk of coronary disease.

For most people, it is safe. This is because intimacy burns a lot of calories and dilates blood vessels which prevents coronary diseases. But it is important to pay attention to the body. If you have symptoms like; chest pain, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue during or immediately after sex, it may not be safe for you, and a conversation with your doctor is probably a good idea before resuming sex.

4. Some heart patients should avoid sex until their condition is stabilized.

People with extreme heart conditions, such as end-stage heart failure, severe aortic stenosis or severe uncorrected congenital heart disease, should refrain from having sex until their condition is stable, treated or they’ve been cleared by their cardiologist. If you haven’t been cleared to have sexual intercourse, you can consider exploring other forms of intimacy with your loved one.

Sex has been shown to be good for our overall health and quality of life and has been connected with improved sleep, lower blood pressure, less stress and a healthier immune system. If you are concerned about your heart health and sexual activity, discuss the concerns with a cardiologist. Having a heart disease does not mean total abstinence from sex.

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