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TIPS FOR LOVE: 5 things a woman will do to get notice by a man.

Looking for love and finding the right partner has become a headache for most women. Generally, a man is supposed to make the first move when it comes to approaching a woman but it seems this principle of love is changing.

When a woman is in love with a man without the knowledge of the man, there are certain things or signs she does just to get the attention of her crush.

In this article, I will elaborate on just five of these signs.

1. The attitude of the woman changes towards you. A woman will talk nicely with smiles to a man she is interested in. She will show you all her Godly attitudes just for you to appreciate her.

2. She will start liking the things the man likes. Examples are the food, sports, games outings just to mention a few.

3. A woman will change her skin colour just to get the attention of a man. Since most men like women with light skin colour, many woman turns to bleach just to get the attention of a man.

4. A woman will start wearing dresses to attract a man she likes. Some can go to the extent of dressing to show more flesh whiles others will dress to cover all body parts.

This last one will shock you.

5. A woman can start attending the church her crush attends.

What more can you add.

Please drop your comment and share.

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