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Mistakes People Make After A Breakup

There are so many mistakes that people make after a breakup.

The pain and change that happens quickly after a breakup often throws people off balance so that they do things that they might not otherwise do.

And those mistakes can cause huge problems both with your ex and your self-esteem.

Trying not to make them will allow the healing to start sooner so that you can get on with your life and be happy.

What kind of mistakes?

1. You are dependent on someone or something for your pitiful life. You think some angel will come and drag you out of your miserable situation. You need to seek professional help but don’t be dependent on other people or things like alcohol, movies, tv-series etc. It will help you momentarily, but you will only come out of your situation when you move your body for your self-growth.

2. Blaming your partner. You have every right to blame your partner, but also you need to think (Self evaluate) why did they choose to leave you. Remember, you cannot clap with one hand. Self-analysis is important.

3. Begging in front of your partner. If someone chooses to leave you in the first place, begging will only give you a few more months but not a permanent relationship. On the other hand, you will only lose your self-respect in front of your own eyes. And trust me, no one wants to live with a person who has no self-respect.

4. Bombarding your partner with texts and calls. It seems cute when you have your first fight, but it becomes irritating when it is not a fight anymore but a breakup. You should try, but in the process of trying don’t make their life hell. Once they have decided to leave you, there is no coming back.

5. Casual S£x or Relationship. I understand you want to vent out your frustration, I also understand you want to take revenge after hurting your partner emotionally. I understand your grief and other people find you attractive s£xually. But you will only end up with guilt and frustration.

6. You forget to keep yourself busy. Thinking about them all the time, it happens. They were the sun and moon of your life, but if you truly want to move on, then you need to keep yourself busy with something.

7. You offer friendship to your partner after a breakup. Trust me, you don’t want to. They have decided to leave you for reason, they don’t want you in their life. You will only make your life miserable, nothing else.

8. Looking for closure. The closure is typically a complex word to define. Every closure demands an explanation, every explanation is not enough to find all the answers you are looking for. The longer you wait for closure, the longer you will delay your process of moving on.

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