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Husband and wife relationship

Why Married Couples Should Avoid Sleeping In Separate Rooms.

Many things happen in most marital homes which are not always revealed to outsiders. Naturally, marriage has its own share of the joy and bitterness in this life depending on the prevailing conditions. But whichever way it goes, marriage remains one of the sacred institutions established by God. Nobody can tell how the world would have been without marriage. In spite of all the perceptions about marriage and the challenges many people encounter in it, what everyone must know is that not being married does not set you out of problems. Now when you finally make the decision and marry, there are some very important issues that married couples need to take very seriously. In in this article, we shall delve into the reasons for which married couples need to sleep together.

It is always best for married couples to sleep together. Irrespective of the number of rooms in the house. One thing that is very important in marriage is for couples to sleep together in the same room on the same bed. It does not matter in any way even if the wife has her own room. In that case, the woman can keep her belongings there. That room can also be used to accommodate female friends and family members.

Many people will agree with me that some couples sleep together in the same room only when they want to make love. But that is not a good practice in marriage. When couples sleep together they talk out to each other, romance each other and many other things that enhance intimacy between husbands and wives. Quarrels and unresolved issues can easily be attended to amicably when on the same bed together. The same way body contact of couples remains very crucial in creating the feelings of awareness and strong bond. In fact, it is not all about sex all the time.

However, this is common in most religious homes in the name purity especially at the request of the men. Some men would not let their wives do engage in certain things such as cooking, and other house chores when they are in their menstrual period. Let alone sleep on the same bed with them. There may be genuine and tangible reasons for that anyway. But even if it's conditional, this can be considered. The fact remains that husbands and wives must sleep together in the same room and on the same bed.

In the contrary, whenever couples sleep in separate rooms, that can both fall into avoidable temptations. The freedom to relate with the opposite sex becomes possible and unhindered. It is in the very interest of both couples if they are able to engage in simple practices which includes sleeping together in order to enhance intimacy in the marriage. There is just a little doubt that couples who sleep in separate rooms have their sexual lives badly affected which may lead to other problems in the marriage.

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