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Husband and wife relationship

Take A Look At What A Lady And Side Guy Ganged Up To Do To Her Husband

Marriage is one thing each and everyone has to pay critical attention to before getting in. A Lady narrate a very sad story she ganged up with her side guy to do to her husband. Of which her husband has no knowledge about and did nothing to face what he is going through.

The wife says before they got married they were just friends and as they went out to chill for a while she was high and her now husband who was just a friend, had something to do together and the next thing they knew she was pregnant. Family sat down about it and decided to marry the two. They got married and had a child.

The woman at that time says she didn't realize that her husband's manhood was very small and he didn't perform well in bed. So after they got married she was able to realize that she wasn't been satisfied in bed. So in no time she got a side guy and for three years they have been together, without the husband knowing. After some time the side guy took the lady somewhere, were they gave the lady a medicine to put in the husband's drink to make him lose his manhood for good. She did exactly what she was told and now for the past three years her husband manhood isn't functioning.

Later the side guy also fell in love with a different lady and then told his married girlfriend that he has found another person, and he is getting married, so she should allow him to go. But the lady said No!!

She is now confused and is in need of an advice of what to do because she is young and needs to be satisfied, her husband has lost his manhood and she is also losing her side guy. What should she do?

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