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Divorce Affair

Must Be Arrested: See How This Young Lady Flogs Woman Who Allegedly Sleeping With Her Husband

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A Young Lady caught another woman allegedly cheating with her husband and carried her outside to deal with her.

In a trending video adjusts on the web, the said lady was cruelly lashed by the spouse for cheating with her significant other, yet for tying her costly covering on her body. 

The angry spouse who was heard yelling in her local language (Igbo Language), asked the lady what gave her the guts to attach her covering and still cheat with her better half, before she began managing her cruelly regardless of neighbors intercession. 

The said husband was not a single where in sight around the area, as at the hour of making this post, as some claimed he ran away.

There are also some screenshots from the video.

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To watch the video, kindly click on the link below;

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