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If You Don't Want To Regret Dating A Lady, Do Not Beg Her For These Reasons.

There is nothing worse than being overly attached to someone who loves you, does not love you, and does not return your feelings.


But the worst part is when you have to persuade your partner to stay in the relationship.

You can promise them that you will do things according to their wishes, that you will never complain about anything, and that you will even apologize if it is not your fault; however, this should only mean losing your dignity and nothing else in the relationship.

Several other factors can help you to understand why it is unwise to persuade someone to continue a relationship. Scroll down to continue reading and find out more.


1. If you beg your partner to stay, you will always do his or her favour by giving meaning to your life.


2. Another reason could be reliance. If you urge your partner to stay in the relationship, you will always be dependent on them.


3. Another factor could be self-respect. You will lose all your self-respect and dignity.


4. The fourth reason would be to control. You will lose control of your life and suddenly, you will find your life controlled by someone else.


5. The fifth reason can be joy. You will never be happy and you will always be on the brink as you will always be afraid of losing the one you begged for because you know that your happiness is no longer yours but depends on someone else.


6. If you have to persuade someone, that means that person does not care about being with you or being a part of your life.


7. If you can compromise your self-esteem by urging your partner to continue the relationship, that person will find themselves feeling that he can treat you anyway and you will not have a problem.


Remember, don't let the person be your priority while allowing yourself to be his or her choice. Treat them with love and respect. Do not beg for the love and respect of another person.

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