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Mother has been denied access to her Twins for the past 6 years.

I met an old school mate on my flight to Nairobi in November 2009 for vacation and we exchanged contacts. Back in Ghana we kept in touch and an attraction begun. I found out I was pregnant with after our first sexual encounter. We both agreed that it’s best we abort the pregnancy because Society frowns upon children born outside wedlock. When the abortion wasn’t successful and I found out through ultrasound that I was carrying twins, I was convinced that these child were meant to be born for a purpose I couldn’t figure out yet. I decided to keep the pregnancy under intense pressure and threat from their father to abort them or he wouldn’t be responsible. 

When family came in he said he still won’t accept till he has performed DNA test on my children after they are born. 

My twins were born and the DNA results proved he was the father. Even after the results he still couldn’t commit to taking care of my twins and neither did he name them customarily. occasionally he would send some money when he wanted to get me back into a sexual relationship with him but I had vowed never to go back to him after all the shame he’s caused me and our children and to add salt to injury, he had gone to marry another woman when my children were barely a month old.

 I took care of my twins till they were few months to 5 years and and I run into a financial crisis. My house rent expired and I couldn’t pay and so I called my twins father to help but he refused and told me to take them to a boarding house. I asked his parents to talk to their son but he still wasn’t ready to help and so I begged his parents to take their grandchildren in while I sort the accommodation out myself and come for them only for them to agree with their son not to let me see my children again. 

For 6 years, I have seen my children only twice forcefully. I reported the case to ,DOVSU juvenile court, lawyers, his father district pastor but the case haven’t been solved till now. The scary part of my story is that, a family member of their father reported to me that my children are being maltreated and so did a nanny I met at the house one time I went to see my twins confirmed this reported maltreatment of my twins. 

In between the 6 years I was struggling with a fatal heart condition and so all money I tried saving to get myself an accommodation and pay for a lawyer for my case went into medical bills but through prayers and seeking God, I have been totally healed almost a year now.

I want my children back even though their father has threatened to stop taking care of them if I file for custody. I would rather have them without a roof on my head and food on my table than to live without them in my life and abandon them to live in misery and caged away from me. 

The man behind my misery is the CEO of hubtel, Mr. Alex Adjei Bram. I need help to get my children back safely. This is a mother’s plea...

**Please Share, Share, Share when you get this write up. My children have been denied access to their mother without any justifiable reason, a great offense against the law of God and nature.

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