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Actions you can start taking now so that in 5 years you will hardly recognize your former self


Introduce yourself to everyone you come in contact with. 

Human beings need one another. We rely and collaborate with one another to build societies, buildings, infrastructure, technological advancements, art etc. It's a fool's errand to believe that you can become a "better” individual if you do not introduce yourself and the power behind you to the people you will come across in life. For many people, this is a very hard thing to do- especially face to face. In today's world, we have the ability to communicate with people through digital interface (this interaction still helps you supplant your influence to others in the world). Use these technological advances to your advantages. Make your name known to all.

Ask for guidance.

 It's easier to catapult yourself into a space of prosperity when you have someone who has already walked the path you're walking help you get there. A mentor is probably the best way to get you moving at an accelerated rate towards your long term goals. Again, with technology, this isn't just exclusive to face-to-face mentorship. There are plenty of digital means to get guidance of where you are going.

Seek the opportunity to guide others. 

In order to make yourself a true master and professional at a specific trade or craft is to teach others your skills. This is a way to truly solidify the skills and knowledge in your head and spread it into the community. When you do this, you are creating a symbiotic loop of growth within the community you are a part of or building.

Work your tail off in the micro. 

Do you want to write? You're going to have to write everyday. Do you want to act? You're going to need to take intensive classes to help build your skill. Do you want a girlfriend? You're going to need to practice talking to every girl in front of you. If you want to change your life over the next five years, you are going to need to be a production assassin during the micro-daily grind. You are going to need to put in copious amounts of work in order to fully build your enterprise.

Remain patient in the macro. 

Too many people (especially members of my generation- millennials) want to see the results of their work instantly. We have grown up in a time where we can get every surface level thing at a moment's notice- sometimes, with just the push of a button. Things that really truly matter, however, like work satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, and relationship growth take time to nurture and mature. They also take struggle to fully be appreciated. You cannot have prosperity without struggle- this is true by definition.

Write down your goals. 

When we write things down, we make things real. When you write down what you want to achieve and where you want to be in a given amount of time you make the thought of such and the action to get there real. Thinking about things and dreaming will only give you a short-term pleasure of grandeur and hope. When you make it real you raise the stakes. When you raise the stakes, you can either attempt to conquer the feat or wallow in despair. Choose the former.

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