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Divorce Affair

[Video] Angry Husband Attacks Man With Cutlass For Allegedly Sleeping With His Wife, Gets Handcuffed

The rate of cheating levels among couples and even those who are not yet married is really alarming. Sometimes you sit down to wonder and ask yourself what at all pushed some people to cheat in relationships. The saddest and most fascinating aspect is when the partner or even people around see that these couples who cheat do not lack anything which should push them to cheat but yet still they cheat.

Some people cheat in their relationships because of several reasons. It could be that their partners do not give them the needed time and attention, respect, or even satisfy them well in bed hence they go behind their back to get other people who can do that. Cheating in relationships is not a good thing but some people are left with no other options then to do that due to either of the aforementioned reasons.

Several people have ended up being injured or even lost their lives due to the aftermath of cheating. There have been instances where people jump from windows, hide under beds, in washrooms and wherever you can think of just to hide from being seen by the wives or husbands of their side chicks should the "right owners" come home unexpectedly.

In this article, I am going to share with you a video which has already started going viral. The video is about a husband who has attacked a man over allegedly sleeping with his wife. His style 4attack was mindblowing as he attacked the man with a cutlass in the middle of a bust road.

Onlookers who never disappoint, decided to take pictures and videos of the incident. The man was in a red cloth which signifies his massive anger. The man attacked his wife's side chick in the latter's car giving him some beatings for going for the cutlass. This made the side chick flee for his life.

Police officers arrived at the scene and handcuffed the man.

People are of the view that he could have used other means to solve the problem rather than attacking the man with cutlass.

Kindly click on the link below to watch the video;

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