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Ways To Know If Your Girl Doesn't Love You

1. She doesn’t text you back.

Women are communicative. If someone texts a girl, and she likes you, chances are, she’s going to reply you. And soon! If a girl isn’t returning your text messages, don’t believe her when she says she forgot to get back to you, or that she has been really busy lately.

If she isn’t answering your text messages, that is a sure-fire sign that she just isn’t that into you. After all, even girls who are trying to play hard to get will answer, it may just take a while.

2. She is always busy.

Sure, she may be busy. All of us are now and then. But if a girl likes a guy, she’ll put him as a priority in her life. If she is constantly telling you that she can’t possibly get together because she is so busy, then you may want to consider that she is making up excuses because she doesn’t want to see you. This a classic sign to watch out for when learning how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you.

3 She doesn’t show up to the same old places.

Has she stopped visiting the places you would frequently accidentally on purpose? run into her? Then chances are good that she is avoiding you. If she isn’t going to the places that you used to hang out at, that is a big tip for how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you.

4 She leaves when you show up.

This is a tough sign to accept, and an insulting one too. So if you do see this, take it in your stride and give her a lot *a lot* of space! If you walk into an establishment and she can’t get out the door quickly enough, she is trying her hardest to ignore and avoid you. A woman will avoid you only if she is convinced you can’t take no for an answer. So, take the hint. And grow up.

5. She tries to tell you all her bad qualities.

Often, if a girl doesn’t like a guy, she will point out all the things that are wrong with her. She will downplay all her good qualities and make sure to highlight that she doesn’t ever sleep late, she smokes, and that she isn’t a good girlfriend material.

Pointing out all her faults is a way to tell you that you should find someone who is better suited for you, or that she is just not into you.

6. She avoids being alone with you.

This is a huge tip for figuring out how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you. If she always says things like “I’ll meet you there,” or if she never wants to hang out alone with you or at your house, then she probably doesn’t like you.

A girl who is nice and likes you, but not in a romantic way, doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. So, she isn’t going to be blunt. Not wanting to be alone with you is just a sign that she doesn’t want to give you the wrong impression.

7. She doesn’t do anything special when meeting you.

She may be interested in being your friend, but not your girlfriend. If she makes no effort to dress up or put makeup on when you go out together, then likely you have hit the “friend zone” and she isn’t interested in you in “that way.”

If she is way too casual when you see her without putting any effort into getting together, you are probably not on the same “interest level,” which is a very important tip for how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you.

8. She is always talking up other girls.

If a girl is interested in you, then she wants all of your attention and gets jealous when you talk about other girls. But if she is not only on board with you talking about other girls in your life – friends or otherwise – then she is probably not into you in a romantic way.

9. She always brings someone else with.

If every time you meet out, she is always accompanied by another friend, then that is a huge sign that she isn’t into you. Girls bring along friends to create a buffer. It makes no difference if it is a guy or girl, single friend or a group. If she is always bringing along a companion, then she is avoiding any serious talk with you. Or, having any romantic attachment to you.

10. She won’t introduce you to her friends and family.

A girl who is interested in a guy can’t wait to show them off to her family and friends. Albeit, she is not going to want to introduce you to Mom and Dad right up front most likely because she is embarrassed by them or doesn’t want to pressure you.

But, if you are ready to make your appearance and she can’t seem to take you anywhere, or she picks places to meet that are off the beaten path, then she is probably trying to avoid contact with others in her life. Although that may be a sign that she wants you alone, it is probably a signal for how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you.

11. She doesn’t flirt with or touch you.

Not every girl is touchy-feely, but if it has been a while and she still doesn’t flirt with you or touch you in any way, then she probably thinks you are nothing more than a friend. If she can be around you without wanting to reach out and touch you, then there is little chance that she is interested in you.

No one wants to admit when someone isn’t into them. But don’t make the girl come right out and say it. There are signs all around that she isn’t into you, and you shouldn’t ignore them. Instead, embrace them. No matter how much you like her, if she just isn’t into you, there is someone out there better who will be.

12. She flirts with other guys around you.

Okay, not only does she avoid flirting with you or flirting back when you try to get flirty with her, she actually flirts with other guys when you’re around. Now, there is a very small possibility that she may be flirting with other guys to get a reaction out of you. *Petty, but yes, some girls will do that just to see if you can get jealous!* But almost always, if a girl is flirting with another guy completely oblivious to your presence, chances are, the girl doesn’t like you back.

13. She talks about other guys she likes.

Here’s another surefire sign if you’re wondering how to tell if a girl doesn’t like you. She talks about other guys she’s interested in, or finds cute, with you. She may ask you for help, advice or worse, even an introduction to another guy.

14. She may be rude to you.

Now this is something a girl may do if she’s had enough you trying to hit on her. Every time you try to flirt with her, or try to touch her discreetly, does she become unnatural quiet or does she excuse herself to get out of your personal zone? Does she snub you when you flirt with her? These are all very discreet but strong signs a girl doesn’t like you back.

15. She isn’t nice to you.

Okay, she may compliment you *as a friend* or talk normally. But you never see her go overboard with her compliments or gestures, for you. It’s almost like she can’t see the effort you’ve made for her, or even notice that you’ve done something different to impress her.

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