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10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

There are some little and simple things you can do to make your girlfriend happy. You don't need to buy her a mansion or expensive cars to make her happy. There are so many ways to make your girlfriend happy and make her feel very special. Girls do appreciate some little things from their lovers. Below are some of these little things you can do to make your woman happy.

1. Smile

Always meet her with a big smile on your face. A girl feels confident and comfortable when you do that.

2. Respect

You should respect her. Her feelings. Her emotions. Her family.

3. Care

A girl truly feels happy when a guy cares for her.

4. Listen

If she is telling you something which is bothering her, just listen to her carefully. She doesn’t need your advice, she already knows what’s going on, she just needs you to listen to her. Advise only when she asks for it.

5. Gift

Gift her something unique. Which she can’t guess and is useful to her. A girl loves unique gifts.

6. Surprise

A girl loves surprises. Take her on a drive, or shopping without prior information, or even for a cutting-chai date.

7. Time

One of the most important things. Give her 100% time even if you are with her for only 5 mins. A girl doesn't like ignorance. (She won’t tell you at that time, but will raise it months later in an argument).

8. Pamper

Give her compliments for her beauty, her intelligence, style or anything which she is good at.

9. Passion

Be passionate. A girl feels happy being with someone passionate, motivated and confident.

10. Play

Play with her hair, not with her heart. Sudden hugs from back, sudden cheeks kisses, sudden “I love you” while talking about something serious. It matters more than you think!

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