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How Much an Average Ghanaian Wedding Costs

It has been the dream of many young people to marry as soon as possible. Whatever be the case or reason for you wanting to get married, it is great to have a fair idea of how much you will spend when you organise a wedding.

Before anything, you must have an event planner who would make sure everything ends in a success. Some charge as much 1,500 cedis.

Also there are certain key things you should prioritise when you want to do wedding. First things you should consider is the gifts you would be for the girls family and also the decorations together with the costumes.

This things make weddings beautiful. For this article the budget of an average will take into consideration 400 people who will be present. Without wasting much time, let's go straight to the estimate and list of am average wedding in Ghana.

To begin with it will cost you 2,000 cedis to rent a hall for your wedding. If you want a bigger space, you will need not less than 5,000 cedis. An average decoration will cost you 4,000 cedis. Food and drinks will also cost you 7,000 cedis. Rentals of chairs and tables will cost you around 3,200 cedis.

The cost of hiring a DJ will cost you 800 cedis and same will paid for the MC making it a total of 1,600. The MC could be your family member and he or she won't charge anything. You will also have to budget around 1,500 cedis for a wedding cake.

The costumes and atire both the groom and bride and also the bridesmaids will also cost you around 5,200 cedis. The souvenirs you will share at the event shouldn't cost you more than 6,000 cedis. Finally, budget 3,000 for miscellaneous.

That will save you incase something gets short or purchase has to be made impromptu. In total, the wedding will cost you 38,500 cedis.

If you have had a wedding before, comment how much it will cost you. Was this article helpful? Comment below.

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