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Does she exhibit these signs towards you? She is crushing on you when you notice these signs

How do you know someone likes you? It’s a question that is very complicated to answer. In this article, I put together some key signs a girl is interested to help you figure out whether it’s vanilla friendship or something spicier.

1.She picks up text conversations even after they’ve fizzled out. Most friends will let a chat reach a natural end, so why is she still asking about the dog you had when you were nine? Maybe it’s you, not Rusty, that she’s really interested in. And if you’re sending each other paragraphs every day, chances are this is more than checking in with a mate.

2.She knows her angles for your FaceTime calls.If she video calls her friends from a goofy angle, and with you it’s good lighting and a nice top, take note.

3.Their body language matches the old clichés. Blushing, glancing over a lot, turning towards you fully when you talk — they’re all signs of interest in girls and guys alike, so pay attention. Peering in to see if their pupils are dilating might freak them out, though.

4.They gravitate to you at gatherings. Do you often find yourself chatting to them apart from the group? You might not have clocked it happening, but if they’re making an effort to spend time with you, that’s how to know someone likes you.

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