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3 Things Women Need to Know About Men

As we often do with my writing, my husband and I have been chatting through these posts. One of my favorite parts about being a relationship blogger is getting to pick my husband’s brain through the process. Not only have we had fun working through posts together, but it’s also brought us together and helped us understand each other better in so many ways.

In chatting with my better-half and male-counterpart about this specific post, here are some insights he thought women need to know about men:

1. We can only do one thing at a time. Because many women are multi-taskers, they often expect the men in their life to be wired the same way. It’s not uncommon for me to approach my husband while he’s working on the computer or watching TV and voice a barrage of ideas, thoughts, or instructions. One thing we’ve learned now that we’ve been married for many years is that this almost always leads to frustration. In knowing our differences, I make it a point to ask for undivided attention when I need it, and he makes it a point to tell me when he’s distracted or in the middle of doing something else.

2. We appreciate the little things. It may not be in the form of a flower or date night, but the small things really do matter. For my husband, it could be as meaningful as an affirming word, as creative as cooking his favorite meal, or as simple as seeing a clean basket of his folded laundry. At their core, many men are simple creatures, and appreciate the small things more than any woman would ever imagine.

3. Don’t mistake our kindness for weakness. We’ve all heard of those women who are attracted to the “bad guys”. Our culture paints the picture of excitement and fun in relationships with these seemingly “tough guys”.

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