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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Does this act have a place in out society?

Do you feel it's right seeing either two men or two women staying together as lovers?

Ladies and gentlemen, this love I am talking about is not the agape kind of love but the intimate kind.

Is it really sensible of people thinking loving people of the same "sex" is a cool idea?

Okay, let's break this down and see what our final stance will be in the end.

The rise of this kind of man-to-man relationship as well as woman-to-woman relationship still baffles me.

Like a key and lock module, God made the reproductive organs of males and females in a way such that it will fit directly into each other but these people are saying otherwise.

They would prefer another pathway which isn't meant for such an activity. They then indulge in that "nasty act" and later face many consequences, especially the males.

They would rather imitate the actions and inactions of the people of "Sodom" and "Gomorrah" in the olden days other than disciplining themselves.

I know every one has the right and freedom to choose whatever they like but no, this isn't right. The fact that there is an option available out of the numerous doesn't make it right.

Let's be frank, even animals chooses partners of the opposite sex. Why then are humans behaving in this abnormal way?

What is attractive about a man that another man would want to date? What is really the point of dating somebody of the same "sex"?

In the picture above, these "gay couple" are showing off their kid. What is the essence in a man dating another man when they know they will need a woman to give them a child?

I don't know what you think about this but I think it is very childish!!!

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