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By the time you will buy a car, they will be wanting those with private jet.

God bless you for clicking to read this article. I hope to be the grace of God you are feeling good. It is all about Elizato wisdom and wise quotes. Elizato as we know is a radio presenter and one of Ghana's greatest philosophers. Elizato keeps dropping more fire for people to listen and take it as advice. Elizato quotes are very funny but are full of wisdom. Elizato said," by the time you will buy a car, they will be wanting those with a private jet you can never satisfy women".He continued you can't satisfy women because they always want different things.

Elizato didn't make it clear in his statement but what he was trying to say is that women like money. You will think you have to buy a car so they will be okay but they will want something bigger. They will want men with private jets they think they have money. They always keep changing so you can't satisfy them. So the guys keep working hard and you will get a better woman one day okay. Don't think that you can satisfy women because they get a strong taste for different things. Just focus and work because if you are thinking of buying a car to make a girl happy it won't help.

A lot of people made shared their views and suggestions on this issue. From the men point of view no matter what you will do to women you can't satisfy her unless she truly loves you. Also, she is not interested in your money because if she is interested in your money, you will suffer. Not all women are like that some are very good. Some women appreciate everything their boyfriends give to them. Some women want more so if you buy a car they will like the private jet so satisfying a woman is not that easy.

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