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Wear These Easy Clothes to Feel Your Best, On Your First Date

Establishing what to wear on a first date is a difficult task. It's a remedy for furious last-minute wardrobe scrambles, given the additional nerves and apprehension. Nerves before a first date are unavoidable, but knowing where to begin with your fashion choices is another issue.

Continuing to work in the fashion business has taught me the value of comfort, as well as, contrary to popular opinion, that doctrine stretches to date dressing.

The scope of a date outfit has become muddled as a result of many saccharine rom-coms (which depict the lengths people will go to appease a lover).

Although we're used to wearing gigantic heels and cautiously ditching sidewalk potholes, the truth is that you're less likely to make a step forward in those circumstances.

I used to believe that date dressing consisted of either trying to figure out cuts or flirtatious tea gowns. Both have value, but date attire can be whatever you start making of it.


When it comes to styling for a first date, I believe there is a general principle that works every time. The first is the skill of subtly elevating oneself.

Little details, such as earrings, a plush bag, or styling with strappy sandals, can quietly lift a look, just like the just no makeup look.

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